End of the Semester Questionnaire

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1. What was your favorite writing assignment?  My favorite writing assignment was writing with a photograph. It really opened up my imagination not knowing what exactly the photograph was and designing my own story to use as a background for it. I really like the piece I created from this exercise.  Although the writing assignment that was the most fun would have to be the invention assignment, but I never ended up using it for any piece I wrote.

2. What was  your least favorite writing assignment?  My least favorite assignment would have to be the cliche one. I just didn’t get into it. I don’t know why, maybe it just made me think too much when I just wanted to write.

3. Discuss your reactions to full-group workshops. Would you change them in any way? I enjoyed full group workshops. I think it was a good idea to have them and let students read the pieces we workshopped before hand.

4. Discuss your reactions to small-group workshops. Would you change them in any way? I liked small group workshops more instead of large group. I feel like I got to know how my group members write, which helped being able to understand and critique the pieces better.  I also felt we got to know each other more as people so it was easier to tell everyone how we really felt about a piece.

5. Did the overall course structure (two portfolios, emphasis on invention before revision, arrangement, delivery) helped your writing practice? I think that it did. It made me look at things a little bit differently.

6. Would you have liked more specific instructions on genre conventions (e.g. poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, etc.) or were you comfortable with the multigenre or genre-less approach to writing? I felt a lot more comfortable with the multigenre approach. I was able to write whatever I wanted which lead me to write different genres. It also made me want to write more, because I wasn’t forced to write a certain way.

7. Did you like having the opportunity to negotiate grading criteria? Were you able to fully participate in this process? How would you change it for future classes? I enjoyed giving my opinion about grading criteria. I posted something on my blog that you responded too which was nice. I also enjoyed talking about it in class to hear what everyone else had to say. It was a good idea to leave it up to discussion because it is very hard to assign a letter grade to creative writing.

8. Did keeping a journal and blog help your writing practice? Explain. Both keeping a blog and a journal helped my writing practice. They were two different ways for me to write. I enjoyed having two different outlets. I especially liked the blog because I could read other people’s in my class, not just my own.

9. What did you use the blog medium for (creative writing, reading response, journaling, etc.)? I used the blog for a little bit of everything. Sometimes for creative writing because I like writing on my computer more than in a journal. I also used it for reading responses from reading assignments for class, ranting on my everyday life, and reading other students’ creative writing.

10. Discuss my performance as an instructor. Did you find the way the course was conducted satisfactory? Would you have liked the instruction to be different? Explain. I think of you did good as an instructor.  I like how the course was conducted… I’m not even sure what you would do different. The first day of class was a little overwhelming with you telling us everything we were doing over the semester, but besides that it was all good. Though sometimes it was a little overwhelming with how many things we had to accomplish in a semester I think it turned out okay.

11. Please offer some advice or helpful hints for students taking this course in the future.  Read the class blog!!! It is very helpful and is full of information!! Some students I have noticed in my class don’t always do that so they don’t always do all the assignments they are supposed to or correctly.  Also, make sure you meet with the teacher at least once. He is helpful and full of advice.


I often use writing samples from past students as models in my classroom.  Please check one of the boxes and type in your name and today’s date below:

_X_ I give you permission to use writing samples from my English 227 portfolio

__  I do not give you permission to use writing samples from my English 227 portfolio

Print Name:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Alli Pitts

Date: 12/1/09

Signature: Allison Pitts


Writer’s Inventory Redux

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  1. Finish this sentence: Creative writing is… thinking outside the box.
  2. Briefly describe your history or background in reading and writing creative texts. I can now say that I have a semester of creative writing under my belt. I can also now say that I have read books that are outside of the genre I normally read. It is a good feeling. I feel like I know have more background in creative writing texts than before.
  3. Are writers born, made, or both? Explain your answer. Both. To some writing comes easier to them because they are born with it, while others can be just as good, but they may need to work at it harder.
  4. Explain how writing affects your daily life. Writing is a huge part of my daily life. I always have a paper due every week since I am a journalism major, but now I am also writing for fun. Though I don’t always put enough time away for fun writing I still try to make time for it. I have even begun to whip out a piece of paper when ever a good thought comes to my mind for a poem or story.
  5. What is the purpose of the creative writer in contemporary society? To entertain. To share their work. To give the people a chance to step out of their hectic lives and sit back with a good creative writing book and step into another world.
  6. Will you continue to write creatively when this course ends? What are your plans? I plan on still keeping a journal so I can write down ideas as they come to me and even some new poems or short stories. (Though I need to get better at bringing it wherever I go so I don’t use random pieces of paper and then loose them.)I also want to start up a blog of my own.

My Opinion About Twilight Haters

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Here is a list of reasons why Twilight Haters drive me freaking crazy. Yes I am a Twilight Fan myself, but if everyone on facebook as a right to bitch about Twilight then I have a right to explain why it is absolutely annoying. I have never said anything about this before, but I have decided that it is about time. Also the points I am about to list do not apply to everyone out there who do not like Twilight.

1. You don’t like Twilight and that is your personal choice, but I don’t think you need to broadcast it to the world everytime something new with Twilight is going on in the world. Let the fans have their fun, just don’t participate in the activities. Sure you can give your opinion, but…(go to number two)

2. If you have not read the books and haven’t seen the movie do you have a right to bitch? I mean seriously… don’t you hate it when people talk about politics even though they have no idea what is really going on? I’m not saying all the Twilight Haters out there haven’t read the books, but if you haven’t then maybe you should keep your mouth shut.

3. I agree that the Twilight books are not very well written, but let’s think about this… There are a lot of books out there that are not very well written that people  still enjoy. Sometimes things are not perfect.

4. Unless you have had a serious discussion with someone that knows a lot about Twilight, and listen to their side of the story then maybe you shouldn’t share what you have to say. Twilight Haters talk about how much they dislike the book, but a lot of them won’t even listen to why people like them. What is up with that?

5. Some Haters believe that the relationship between Bella and Edward is sooo horrible. I mean for real? I’m not saying it is the best, but at least they found true love. They talk about how jealousy is horrible, and that he stalks her, and that he controlls the sexual part of the relationship… It is a FICTIONAL VAMPIRE story!!! It is not real, and it is about vampires. I’m pretty sure vampires do not act the same way as humans. lol This is Stephenie Meyer’s story, it is her world, it is CREATIVE WRITING. Also, have you ever heard of a perfect relationships? Better yet have you ever been in a perfect relationship? Probably not.  Oh and the suicide aspect…what about Romeo and Juliet?! That is a famous play is it not?

6. The Twilight Haters that have actually read the books go on to say how Twilight is a horrible role model for children. No offense but a lot of teenagers don’t read so deeply into books. I know I didn’t when I was younger. Guess what?! The ideas that they may have gotten from the book that “abusive” relationships are okay were not put in their heads from the book but from these Twilight Haters.

Okay so that is probably only half of my frustration but whatever. I just wanted to get my opinion out there since I have kept my mouth shut for years while everyone sat there and bashed Twilight. Once again… I’m not saying every one who does not like Twilight do these things. I simply saying that the people that do need to take a step back and listen to the other side. I did for years. So they can too. (No I’m not talking about just hearing how Twilight is popular in the news and stuff like that… I’m talking about discussing it with someone else.)

6 Hours and counting!

My Final Portfolio

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I am really excited right now. Last night I went over my final portfolio edited a few things and then printed it out. When I went through and read every piece out loud to my boyfriend and then actually had the pages in my hand to put together I realized something. I really like what I wrote. Sure it may not be top notch to some people, but I think I should be proud. I worked long and hard on the pieces in my portfolio. It may not be the best writing ever, but I am a beginner to creative writing. No I’m not trying to brag… I am just excited right now.

My new thing after looking at someones blog in our class if finding a picture of how I feel at the moment and then adding three lines under. Though his was having a picture with an actual poem mine is just for playing around. It is not really anything special or has any deep meaning. It is more or less a way to share how I feel. I’m trying to be more creative. What can I say?

I finished it!

It’s almost break!

It’s time to sleep.


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I have sooo much homework to get done. I didn’t even go out last night even though it was a Saturday. I stayed in and got some homework done. The only problem… no matter how much I get done I feel like I am acomplishing nothing because my stack of stuff to do is so big. I’m starting to go crazy. Sure there is only a week left before Thanksgiving break, but that one will will probably break me. I have a project, 7 page paper, 3 page paper, and a little bit of editing on my portfolio. I’m just going to have to keep my fingers crossed and hope that I get some sleep this week.


Paper after paper

Test after test

I’m drowning in this mess

My Journal Review

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Check out my journal review under the section on my blog that says pages!!

Here is a link… just in case…



Working on my portfolio…

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I have sevearl pieces of work I am considering for the final portfolio. The problem is that most of them don’t seem like final drafts.  My living room is a mess of finished stories, finished poems, unfinished stories, and unfinished poems. It’s kind of crazy right now. It is a mixture of fun with a bit of stress and it is very time consuming.

I’m excited to have my first portfolio of finished creative writing, but I almost feel like I can always fix something in every piece I look at. I have a couple of pieces that are finished exactly how I want them to be, but only a couple.

I also still have to post a blog about the journal I picked and have been reading. I’m glad I have been working on pieces throughout the semester so I don’t feel that much of a procrastinator. I just didn’t realize that putting them together and choosing which ones I want to put in the portfolio would be this difficult. Plus I just remembered about the journal thing. You know what?  Having a lot to do is just part of being a college student.

Okay back to sorting through my pieces!